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Blogging For Your Business: Let Your New Blog be Their Morning Paper.

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Why They'll Read Your Blog, Even If You Think No One is Interested

We’ve heard it before. You want to know how to blog. You have lots to say, but you doubt anyone would bother reading it. Well, we beg to differ. In fact, your customers, vendors, and associates would probably beg to differ, too.

See, if you own a business, you’re an expert in something. People come to your for information, service, or products. That makes you an important resource to your field. But, sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we forget about how much knowledge we’ve amassed. We forget that we actually have interesting things to say. But the truth is, it took you a long time building the knowledge you have for your business. Even if you're wondering, "What is a blog?" The things you do know about, whether you learned them in school, from a mentor, or the school of hard knocks, your information could be quite useful to someone who stumbles upon your new blog.

If nothing else, maintaining a blog on your website can instill more active participation online in branding your name. Once you’re committed to updating your website on a regular basis, you might find it a small leap to getting involved with Social Networking.

So go ahead. Leap in. Don’t assume the audience is disinterested. They may be sifting through blogs looking for your words right now.

Tips for writing a successful blog:

Be genuine.
No one wants to feel like they’re reading a blog written by your summer intern.
Be work-friendly.
Feel free enough that you write about things that are amusing, insightful, and even outrageous, but keep it professional. (There is a difference between personable and personal.) Day to day office experiences, and even inspirational stories can be interesting. But if you’re tempted to rant about personal relationships or shameless topics that would make potential clients walk out of a business meeting, you might want to confide in a friend over lunch instead. This threshold will be different for everyone, as each business and industry has varying casual/strict cultural online standards. If you have a home business blog, or a small business blog, remember your target audience. It will be different than writing personal notes on your Facebook page.
Be disciplined.
Nothing is less inspiring than an abandoned blog. No one is saying that you must update it daily. Consider starting small at first. Perhaps you’ll update twice a month. Next, try once a week. As long as you’re committed to regular intervals, it will get easier with time.
Be gracious.
If you start to elicit comments on your site, try not to start flame wars with your visitors. Keep it civil and helpful. It can be a great way to bridge the gap of communication between you and your community.

Are you wondering where to blog? Are you looking for a good blog design? Here are some options we can offer if you want to add a blog to online plan:

  • We can build a WordPress Blog on your domain that matches your new website.
  • We can build a site within your website. This works especially well with blogs that serve a specific purpose, like announcements or news articles.
  • We can link your site to your existing external blog on another website, like Blogger.
  • There are many options for you to choose when building an online presence. If you’re looking for a quote on how to build a new blog, with a creative design layout, let us know.

Whether you're creating a home business website, a corporate online presence, or a series of personal blogs, consider building a blog to personify your business to the community.